Peace piece

I spend a lot of time alone, I create a little home inside myself.
I could be anywhere anytime really, and there’s nothing anyone could say to bring me
The world ahead of me moves slower when I wish it to.
From my home I watch with purpose and somehow see everything with ease.
Like how these plant leaves jewel glint like fruit pastels
how the ripple in the water could be fragments of the past
climbing out to shore
The wind through the tree’s blowing all it’s colours for Autumn, I into it blow my cold
haze out like an airport but down the path I am in my thoughts
I see myself, sometimes down that path.
I look happy, Like a friend I'm about to meet
In fact! Here he comes now
he’s looking so peaceful
so calm
I see him very clearly
in this sunshine.
I’m going to join him now
stroll down the path a bit

In response to the Jazzlive Archive's Open Call for Writing
March 2021
2021, Poetry, Text, TicketOpenCall, Writing
Submitted by Tom Cherrie